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Most activities in Shards Online which perform any form of success/failure checking are either dependent on or affected by the stats or attributes and/or the skill of the character performing them.

Primary attributes[edit | edit source]

There are three primary attributes for characters and creatures which affect proficiency at certain activities, as well as derived attributes. Primary attributes grow when players use a skill that requires the attribute. For example, using a piercing weapon will affect agility. Since performing actions increase these attributes, they can be turned up, down, or locked. The starting stat is 10 for each and the Maximum value for any stat is 80. Maximum total stat value is 150. These can be enhanced in a very minor way by consuming food.

  • Strength (Str) is a physical attribute. It is the primary influencing attribute for Health and Health Regeneration. Additionally Strength is the primary factor when wielding unbalanced or very heavy weapons.
  • Agility (Agi) is a physical attribute. It is the primary influencing attribute for Stamina Regeneration. Agility is the primary factor when wielding weapons or performing tasks which would require more finesse, such as Dodging.
  • Intelligence (Int) is a mental attribute. It is the primary influencing attribute for Mana and Mana regeneration. This is the primary factor in wielding magical foci or when casting spells. It also provides a slight bonus to landing critical hits in combat.

Stat Attribute Primary influence on Primary factor for Additional benefits
Strength (physical) Health Pool, Health Regeneration Increases damage with most Bashing and Slashing weapons Blocking Chance
Agility (physical) Stamina Pool, Stamina Regeneration,

-To a lesser degree Health Pool & Health Regeneration

Increases damage with most Piercing and Slashing weapons Dodge Chance
Intelligence (mental) Mana Pool, Mana Regeneration Increases Spell Damage Critical Hit chance

Derived or secondary attributes[edit | edit source]

Secondary attributes are the three resources needed to survive.

  • Health (HP) is a measure of how healthy the player is and equates to hitpoints. When it runs out a player dies. HP is influenced by physical stats and skills, with STR being the largest influence.
  • Stamina (SP) is the measure of how much strength the player has left and equates to SpecialMoves. Physical combat in shards requires no stamina, but executing special weapon abilities uses stamina. SP is influenced by physical stats and skills with AGI being the largest influence.
  • Mana (MP) is a measure of magical potential in a body and equates to CastingPower. The more mana available, the more spells can be cast. Mana is absorbed from latent magic in the world, and so the more heavily armored a character is, the less mana they are able to absorb. When at rest, mana regeneration is significantly increased. In full plate mail, mana regeneration is completely blocked unless the character is at rest.

Pool Attribute Measures Important for
Health (physical) how healthy you are When it runs out you die!
Stamina (physical) how much strength you have left executing special weapon abilities
Mana (mental) magical potential in a body more spells to cast

Tertiary attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Base Damage
  • Crit Chance
  • Attack Rate

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