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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.8.7.

The Allegiance system was revamped in version 0.8.6. the purpose of the system is to give players the ability to PvP with opposing allegiance members without having to become a murderer.

Allegiances[edit | edit source]

There are 3 allegiances in the world of Celador who compete impress their gods and earn their favor in return for rewards. You can join an Allegiance by finding the Allegiance leader for your chosen allegiance in the town associated with that allegiance as listed below.

Allegiance Town Badge Leader

Pyros Landing[edit | edit source]

Pyrosbadge.jpg Pyros agent.jpg

Helm[edit | edit source]

Tethys.jpg Tehtysrecruiter.jpg

Eldeir Village[edit | edit source]

Ebris.jpg Ebrisrecruiter.jpg

Joining an Allegiance[edit | edit source]

To join an allegiance you must meet the following conditions:

  • Maximum attribute points 150/150
  • Cannot be an outcast
Joining allegiance.jpg

Once you have joined an allegiance you can engage in PvP anywhere in Celador and you will not loose karma and the guards will NOT interfere. You will be required to give a minimum of 7 days service to your chosen allegiance before you can leave.

Leaving an Allegiance[edit | edit source]

If you wish to leave or change your Allegiance you should use the allegiance menu located on tool bar at the bottom of the screen (looks like a shield) to resign from an allegiance. click on the resign button and it will trigger a 7 days notice period. After 7 days you must return to the Allegiance Leader to confirm you wish to leave. You will lose any progress you have made in the allegiance if you leave.


Allegiance Rankings[edit | edit source]

Allegiance players are ranked against their allegiance team mates and is relative to their peers based on their standing and percentile. Rank is calculated everyday after server restart. Allegiance Players take a portion of the enemy’s rank when the slain, based on the highest damage dealer to the victim. The higher the rank of the victim, the higher the reward. You rank determines which rewards you can use from the Allegiance Vendor.

The following table shows the ranks, percentile/standing for each and names for each rank within Allegiances:

Rank Pyros Tethys Ebris Percentile / Standing
Rank 1 Acolyte Novice Follower Initial rank if active
Rank 2 Disciple Squire Ovate > 10%
Rank 3 Servant Defender Augur > 30%
Rank 4 Torchbearer Worshipper Arch-Druid > 50%
Rank 5 Ardent Flame Rain Bringer Earthen Seer > 70%
Rank 6 Ember Sentinel Elder Mystic Dark Prophet 2nd - 5th Place
Rank 7 Overseer of Fire Lord of Storms Champion of Stone 1st Place

Allegiance Rewards[edit | edit source]

Allegiance rewards can now be purchased from the the Allegiance Vendor in Belhaven. The vendor is only available to the Allegiance that controls at least 2 of the 3 King of the Hill locations. Rewards can be purchased using Salt which is earned from Cleansing Event. There is a reward for each rank and they require a minimum rank to use. Salt and the rewards are blessed and will not drop upon death.

Below is a table of all the allegiance rewards, their required rank and cost.

Reward Req. Rank Cost (Salt)
Cursed Hearthstone 1 50
Lottery Box 2 10000
Flask of Mending 3 2000
Elixir of Holding 4 1000
Allegiance Cloaks 5 30000
Allegiance Mounts 6 36000
Godly Weapon Scroll 7 42000

Allegiance Events[edit | edit source]

There are two different events that take place within the allegiance system which are there to encourage pvp and to help allegiance players gain Salt or access to the allegiance vendor in Belhaven and to gain ranking within their allegiance.

When events are active allegiance members will be notified via a broadcast and a marker will be visible on the map to show the location of the event. There will also be a broadcast 15 minutes before an event starts and you can view how long until the next event via the allegiance window found on the toolbar.

Events will alternate between the two different types of events and will start randomly up to 150 minutes after the previous event has finished.

While allegiance members are in event zones an event overlay will be displayed that shows the current score, time remaining and description of event.

Image (3).png

Players will also have the chance to increase their rank if they manage to subdue enemy allegiance players.

King of the Hill Event[edit | edit source]

‘’King of the Hill’’ is an event that allegiance players fight to control a small area for 30 minutes. Allegiances score points when only their team has control of the event area. After 30 minutes the team with the most points wins the event. Your team will not earn points if you are dead or cloaked in the zone.

If you are rank 2 and above you can earn 2 Salt every 5 seconds. Also if your allegiance controls 2 out of 3 areas to gain access to the Allegiance Vendor in Belhaven

King of the hill will spawn periodically within the following areas:

  • Spiritwood Lumber Mill
  • Valus Cemetery
  • Freman Quarry
Lost Spirit
Lost Spirit
Type Allegiance Mob
Hostile No
Taming N/A
Beast Mastery N/A
HP 1000

Cleansing Event[edit | edit source]

Cleansing Event is a 30 minute event that takes place in large designated zones. Allegiance players must compete to hunt down Lost Spirits and cleanse the area of them.

Spirits will spawn continuously for the whole event time Players will earn allegiance currency Salt for every spirit they subdue based on the damage they deal. Salt can then be used to purchase Allegiance rewards

Cleansing event will start periodically in the following locations:

  • Pyros Outskirts
  • Valus Outskirts
  • Everdale Farms
  • Grim’s Cove
  • Central Black Forest
  • Scaled Path