Allegiance Mounts

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Reason: "Was the appearance of these horses changed when Allegiances were revamped?"
Allegiance Mounts
Allegiance Mounts
Allegiance Reward
Weight: 1
Sells for 18000 Talent

Allegiance Horses are a reward purchased from the Allegiance Merchant using Talent. This item is blessed.

There is a Horse for each allegiance: Pyros, Helm, and Eldeir. These horses may be used to help identify which allegiance the rider is a part of. The horses may also instead be used as a piece of vanity to show off the rider's amount of Talent.

When purchased from the vendor, the mount will drop into your backpack as a statue and works like an Ethereal Horse. Much like the Ethereal Horse, Allegiance Horses will eventually break and need replacing.

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Allegiance Horses can be purchased from the Allegiance Merchant using Talent.

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