Alpha v0.4.4

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Alpha v0.4.4
Date 19 May 2017
Version 0.4.4
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New features[edit | edit source]

  • Prestige Class: Knight
  • (Sorcerer pending a bug fix)
  • Barrens Dungeon: Dungeon Deception.
    • Deception Dragon Boss.
  • New Town: Trinit.
  • New points of interest added throughout the Upper Plains.
  • Kill Board.
  • Interactive Map.
  • Player tracking has been removed from the ingame map.

Combat changes[edit | edit source]

  • Encumbrance added to armor.
    • Heavier armor now adds encumbrance, reducing a players stamina regeneration. (Base regeneration: 5 stamina per second. Regeneration = Base - Encumbrance).
  • Poison now is correctly applied and removed.
  • Spellbooks are now treated as the correct weapon type.
  • Stun effects are now broken following receiving damage.
  • Magic Affinity regenerates correct level of mana.
  • Focus effect is now applied/removed correctly.
  • Blessed items no longer drop on death.
  • Murder counts now decay correctly.
  • Meteor spell now casts correctly.
  • Removed incidents of warriors receiving 'free swings'.
  • Bandages have had their success chance reduced when damage is received.

Other changes[edit | edit source]

  • Invisible walls removed from overland map.
  • Dungeon region lag addressed.
  • Players becoming stuck during casting.
  • Criminal Action warning added to looting positively aligned corpses.
  • Vendor restocks now replace the previous stack.
  • Auto harvesting now ends when resource is depleted.
  • Harvesting now drops the player from combat.
  • Monsters now cast their full range of spells.
  • Monsters are no longer interrupted during casting.
  • Stone difficulty addressed.
  • New players no longer start with their PvP flag enabled.
  • Crafted gear now shows beneficial stats.
  • NPC trainers now train skills.
  • Corpse names correctly display notoriety.

Current known bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Agility, Cure, Reflective Armor spells not working
  • Foraging is broken
  • Sorcerer and Knight Trainers are missing
  • Murderer's corpses name appears blue
  • Archers have to enter/renter combat sometimes to re-initiate ranged combat
  • Mages still get stuck while casting
  • People are getting randomly killed out of nowhere
  • Iron nodes not being reflected correctly. Sometimes you get iron out of stone and vice versa.
  • Bandages on item bar sometimes become bugged.