Animal Taming

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Animal Taming

Animal Taming is a combat skill which allows you to tame certain creatures. In order to tame an animal, you need to equip a weapon called a crook and use its ability to tame a creature. By default, the ability is bound to the Q hotkey. You can buy a crook at any carpenter shop for 20 Gold.

Animal Lore is also necessary in order to both tame and control the creatures that you tame. Additionally, Animal Lore increases the effectiveness of healing and resurrecting your pets with bandages if used in conjunction with the Healing skill.

Some creatures are categorized as beasts and also require the Beastmastery skill in order to control; however, Beastmastery is not required in order to tame or have any creature transferred to a tamer. The Beastmastery skill also increases the damage that is dealt with a pet. Without the appropriate Animal Lore or Beastmastery, you may be able to tame or have a creature transferred to you but it may not listen to your commands.

Control Slots[edit | edit source]

The number of creatures you can have actively following you is determined by the number of control slots available. Every player has 5 available control slots whether you are a tamer or not. Currently, there is no method to gain more. When taming, bear in mind that a horse currently being ridden counts against this number (but not while dismissed). Please be aware that Horses, Llamas and Great Bears can be dismissed to a statue if they have had a Saddle applied to them.

Stables[edit | edit source]

You can store your pets at any stable within the world. It cost 50 Gold in order to stable a pet. However, withdrawing a pet from the stables is free. Currently, the maximum amount of pets you can stable is 14. Every player, whether they are a tamer or not, has the same amount of stable slots. There is no way to increase the number of stable slots available. Additionally, stables are not localized to a region or city. Meaning that, if you stable a pet in one city, you can withdraw the same pet from a different city. A horse pet can be dismissed to stables from any location at no cost. but if it has saddlebags, it can't be carrying anything.

Pet Menu Interactions[edit | edit source]

You can interact with your pet by right-clicking on them. The following options are available depending on the type of pet:

  • Inspect - Brings up a paper doll character sheet for the pet. This displays the pets stats and gives you the ability to lock, increase, or decrease stats based on your choice. (However, this is currently not working as intended and has no effect on the pets stats).
  • Rename - Allows you to rename a pet.
  • Release - This will release the pet back into the wild. Once a pet is released it cannot be tamed again by anyone.
  • Dismiss - This option is only available on horses at this time. Dismissing a horse will send it to the stable in town.
  • Transfer - This option will allow you to select another player to transfer the pet to. Once transferred, the other player will be the new owner.
  • Open Pack - This option is only available on pack horses at this time. In order to turn a horse into a pack horse, you must apply Saddle bags to it.

Commands[edit | edit source]

If you open your skill book and select Animal Taming, there is a skill associated with it called command pet. You can use this skill to tell your pets to attack without using the chat command. If you click on an individual pet with the skill first, it will command only that pet to attack instead of making them all attack. Additionally, if you use the skill and click on the somewhere on the ground, it will tell your pets to move to that location. This is very convenient when your pets are in the way of a corpse or a doorway that you are having trouble clicking on. Also, this skill is useful when you are dismounted and want to attack with your pet(s) but do not want to command your horse to attack. However, the command has a 1-sec global cooldown; the chat based commands do not have cooldowns.

Chat based taming commands are:

  • all follow [me] - If used without the keyword 'me' you can select the target that you want your pet to follow. Using the keyword 'me' will make the pet follow yourself.
  • all kill or all attack - Once used, you need to select the target you want your pet to attack.
  • all stay - Tells your pet not to move.
  • all stop - Commands your pet to stop whatever action it is currently doing.
  • all guard [me] - Commands your pet to protect a target. It will only attack if the target it is guarding is attacked. This will cause it to switch targets if it was previously attacking something else.
  • all go - Allows you to move your pet to the desired location. Similar to using the Animal Taming skill command pet.

You can also use an individual pet's name to command just one pet instead of saying all. For example: "Fluffy attack", "Bob follow me", etc.

Custom Commands[edit | edit source]


You can create can create custom commands for your hot bar that will allow you to control you pets. Follow the step by step guide to create any of the above commands.

  1. type "/custom" You will be greeted with the Custom command UI.
  2. type the command you want to say but include the word "Say" at the beginning example: say all kill will create the command "All Kill".
  3. Press update
  4. Select an icon you wish to assign to that command from the button on the custom command UI for example Customcommand2.jpg
  5. Drag your chosen icon to the hotbar on the left of the screen

NPC Trainers[edit | edit source]

The following NPCs are generally located at the stables and can train your animal taming skill to 30 for 300 Gold:

Pet Transfer[edit | edit source]

All tameable pets, including beasts, can be transferred to another tamer once tamed. However, the requirements for transferring a pet to another tamer are lower and work differently than the requirements to successfully tame one. In general, the tamer's average of Animal Lore and Animal Taming skill must be no more than approximately 4-5% (can vary) lower than the required Animal Taming/Lore needed to manually tame the same creature. The requirement is The exact average required for every animal or beast is not yet verified. Beastmastery is not considered when transferring pets to other players; however, if your beastmastery is too low you will not be able to command the creature once it is transferred.

For example, a Wyvern requires approximately 94.1 Animal Taming and Animal Lore in order to successfully tame. However, you only need an average of approximately 90.85 in order to have one transferred to you by another tamer.

In order to determine your average skill, simply use the following equation:

(Animal Taming + Animal Lore) / 2

Pet Lives[edit | edit source]

Tamed pets may now only die 5 times before they are permanently destroyed. Remaining lives are indicated in the pet’s title as follows:

    • 4 lives: Winded
    • 3 lives: Weary
    • 2 lives: Tired
    • 1 life: Exhausted

Tamable Creatures[edit | edit source]

Animal/Monster Minimum skill Required Pet Slots
Giant Rat 4.1 1
Snake 1.1 1
Beetle 19.1 1
Giant Beetle 61 4
Black Bear 39.1 1
Horse 29.1 1
Brown Bear 41.1 1
Chicken 0.1 1
Coyote 65.1 1
Crab 39.1 3
Crocodile 59.1 1
Ancient Crocodile 93.9 4
Dire Bear 74 4
Dire Wolf 75.1 4
Dread 95.1 4
Fox 23.1 1
Giant Crab 85 4
Great Bear 80 1
Great Hart 59.1 1
Grizzly Bear 59.1 1
Hind 23.1 1
Llama 60 1
Rabbit 0.1 1
Giant Scorpion 41.1 4
Emperor Scorpion 84.1 4
Sand Snake 1.1 1
Hunter 84.3 2
Huntress 81.3 2
Large Spider 52 4
Turkey 1.1 1
Wolf 23.1 1
Black Wolf 53.1 1
Desert Wolf 53.1 1
Gray Wolf 53.1 1
Wyvern 93.9 4

Taming Guide[edit | edit source]

Animal Taming Skill Level Creatures Location/Comments
0-29.1 Turkeys, Chickens, Rats Preferably, you want to train Animal Taming to 30 at one of the stable masters. These animals are located all around most starting cities and areas. There are often chickens around each city's stables.
29.1-41.1 Horses, Hind, Fox, Wolves These are in most Starting Zones. Save the Horses by dismissing them to your stable in town once they are tamed. If you obtain an ethereal potion and convert the horse to an ethereal mount, it will change to a statue when not being ridden. You can then store them in your bank or backpack, or you can usually sell them to other players for 20 to 30 silver. If you have a plot and a vendor, selling ethereal horses is much easier.

You can also tame Black Bears starting at around 39.1.

41.1-59.1 Brown Bears, Giant Scorpions Most Starting Zones. Brown Bears are non-aggressive and the fastest for gains at this level. The Giant Scorpions do significant damage at this level and require 4 control slots. They are also only available to tame in the Wilderness. At 53.1 you can also tame Black Wolves, Desert Wolves, and Gray Wolves in addition to Brown Bears. You can also continue to tame Horses and Black Bears until 59.1; however, they are slower in gains.
59.1-71.1 Great Harts, Grizzly Bears These are in most starting zones. At around 65.1 you can also tame coyote. Both Grizzly Bears and Coyote are aggressive creatures. Additionally, at around 61, you can tame Giant Beetles. However, they are only available in the desert within the Wilderness. They are non-aggressive.
71.1-82 Elk, Coyote Elk are very scarce. Coyote are more abundant. So you may have to tame Great Harts and Grizzly Bears in addition to Coyote and Elk until at least 82. This skill range is considered by most tamers to be the worst part of the grind from 1-94.1. Therefore, the majority of your gains will be on animals which require skill level 59.1. This will be a very slow process all the way to 82. It's not completely unheard of to tame 75+ animals without a single gain--just keep pushing!
82-94.1 Huntresses, Hunters, Emperor Scorpions The Huntresses and Hunters spawn at the Spider's Nest in the southern region of the Black Forest. The Huntress only requires 82 taming, but the Hunter appears to require 84.4 taming. Their spawn rate has been recently increased as of the latest patch. Emperor Scorpions spawn at Arid Lake near the Jhalir desert. You can tame Emperor Scorpions as well once you reach 84.4 taming. Emperor Scorpions do significant damage and poison. These are all aggressive creatures. Additionally, you will likely encounter player killers because these creatures are also farmed for valuable crafting resources. All of these creatures require equivalent Beastmastery to control. You can also continue to tame Elk, Coyote, Great Harts, and Grizzly Bears all the way to 100. Although it is much slower, it is much safer.
94.1-100 Wyverns Wyverns spawn at Wyvern's Rest; they hit incredibly hard and cast poison as well as energy bolt. You can also gain off Dreads at around 95.4. They spawn near the Oasis but are incredibly rare. Additionally, although slower, you can continue to tame Huntresses, Hunters, Emperor Scorpions, Elk, Coyote, Great Harts, and Grizzly Bears all the way to 100.

For a list of beasts and details on the Beastmastery skill, visit their respective pages.

Helpful Tamer Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you train Healing and Animal Lore to 60 each, you can cure poison on your pet with bandages. If you train them to 80 each, you can resurrect your pets with bandages.
  • Pets can also be resurrected using the Resurrection spell if you have animal lore at 80.
  • Even if a pet is not tamed, you can still resurrect it. However, you must flag chaotic in order to do so. You will lose -8 Karma.
  • When taming aggressive creatures, it is easiest to have another pet attack it in order to get aggro. Once it has aggro, put the pet on follow and it will go passive-aggressive and will not attack back. Then you can proceed to tame the aggressive creature while healing the pet that is tanking it. This not only makes it easier but also allows you to get extra Animal Lore and Healing gains if healing with bandages.
  • If a creature is attacked by another creature or a player while you are trying to tame it, it will tell you that the creature is too angry to be tamed. It is not possible for a player to not attack back even if they do not have a weapon equipped. So the creature must be kited or tanked by another players pet that is on follow and passive-aggressive.
  • If you stay behind a tree, an aggressive beast will lose line of sight and will not attack you. However, you can still tame it.
  • If an aggressive beast chases you, you can lure it around for a little bit and it will eventually give up on you leaving it much easier to tame.
  • Beastmastery has no effect on your ability to tame any creature-- including beasts. It only allows you to control it and provides a damage boost.
  • The requirement for a pet to be transferred is lower than the requirement to tame it. The transfer requirement is based on an average of your taming/lore.
  • After taming a pet, if you release the animal and do not kill it, then it will take much longer for it to respawn.
  • If you release the pet in a different zone than the one it was tamed in, then its respawn time will decrease significantly. You can do this by walking it across a server line or by using a portal to take it to a different zone before releasing.
  • As of 03/25/2019 there is a bug that prevents you from stabling your pet. If your pet dies and it is accidentally skinned and the leather is not looted, then upon resurrection the leather will still be on the pet. If this happens, the stable master will think your pet is carrying something in its inventory and will not allow you to stable it. To fix this, kill the pet and loot the leather off of it and then resurrect it. You should then be able to stable the pet.