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Animal Taming

Animal Taming is a combat skill which provides the ability to control certain creatures. Some creatures also require Beastmastery to be able to tame.

In order to tame, you need to equip a crook and use the ability of it to tame a creature.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Skill Creatures Control Slots Location

0 Beetle, Rabbits, Chickens, Rats, Turkey 1 Most starting zones
23 Wolves, Hind, Coyote 1 Most starting zones
29.1 Horses 1 Most starting zones
39.8 Black Bears 1 Most starting zones
42 Brown Bears 1 Most starting zones
45 Great Harts, Grizzly Bears 1 Eldeir, most starting zones
55 Grey Wolf, White Wolf, Black Wolf 1 Most starting zones
62 Whitetails 1 Eldeir, Helm Mar Beach
65.6 Desert Wolf 1 Barren Lands
84 Giant Crab 3 Helm Mar Beach
90 Dire Wolf 4 Crossroads
95 for good chance Dire Bear 4 Helm, Denir
For beasts and Beastmastery, visit their respective pages.
Taming map.png

Helpful tips[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, players do not need 100 Animal Taming to begin training Beastmastery.
  • If you train Healing and Animal Lore to 80 each, you can resurrect your pets with bandages.
  • Pets can be resurrected using the Resurrect spell.
  • If an aggressive beast chases you, you can lure it around for a little bit and it will eventually give up on you leaving it much easier to tame.
  • Pet stats can be increased by having it fight other mobs.
  • One of the sources: "My taming guide" on legends of aria forums.

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