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Beastmastery is a player's skill to control beasts and increase animal and beasts damage. Beasts are powerful creatures that aid in combat. You can begin training Beastmastery through using any tame-able animal in combat.

If you have the required Animal Taming and Animal Lore to tame a beast, you may be able to tame it or have it transferred to you by another tamer. However, the beast may ignore all commands you give it if your Beastmastery does not exceed/match the required Animal Taming or Animal Lore.

The skill listed in the table below is the required Animal Taming needed to tame the beast as well as the optimal Beastmastery skill needed in order to control it. However, your Beastmastery does not have to match your Animal Taming in order to tame it or have it transferred to you.

Animal Taming/Beastmastery Beast Control Slots Location/Comments
41.1 Giant Scorpion 4 Jhalir/Arid Lake
52 Large Spiders 4 Black Forest
61 Giant Beetle 4 Barren Lands/Scorched Print
82 Huntresses 4 Black forest/Spider's Nest.
84.4 Hunters 4 Black forest/Spider's Nest. Hunter stats are identical to Huntress but require slightly higher taming. The Hunter is currently bugged and incorrectly occupies more than 5 control slots; so you are unable to control the pet once tamed.
84.4 Emperor Scorpion 4 Jhalir/Arid Lake.
94.1 Wyvern 4 Wyvern's Rest. (Requires a 90.85 Taming/Lore average to have transferred)
95.2 Dread 4 Oasis. (Requires 91.1 Taming/Lore average to have transferred)

Helpful Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Beastmastery increases similar to melee skills. It is based on the level of the mob you are attacking-- not the level of the pet.
  • You can currently level Beastmastery by having your pets attack one another.
  • Each hit from a pet is a chance to increase your skill. Therefore, the more pets you have, the more likely you are to get a skill gain.
  • You can train Beastmastery up to 90 by having your pets hit Trolls. (However, it slows down a lot after 75+.)
  • Your Beastmastery does NOT have to match your Animal Taming/Animal Lore in order to tame or have a beast transferred to you.
  • See Animal Taming for additional helpful tips related to taming.