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Blacksmithing, previously known as Metalsmith, is a trade skill and allows creation of metal items. This includes weapons, armor, and tools. Once the minimum skill requirement to craft an item has been reached, a player will never fail at crafting it. However, the quality/durability will be dependent on the skill in blacksmithing. In addition to affecting the base quality and durability of the item, skill will also determine if and how many bonuses the crafted item receives. These bonuses are small and static so even a shoddily crafted item is still useful, for a short time at least (before it breaks).

Once an item has been crafted through blacksmithing, players can either stop crafting, or attempt to improve the item. Each attempt to improve the item carries an increasing risk of breakage which is partially mitigated by the blacksmithing skill. The bonuses applied by the improvement system are random, and span significantly more possibilities than the base skill bonuses from the initial crafting. These bonuses also stack with the enhancement system allowing for creation of really specialized items.

Crafted items[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Skill Materials
Dagger 0 3 Iron Ingots
Rapier 54.1 8 Iron Ingots
Pitchfork 57 12 Iron Ingots
Long Spear 59 12 Iron Ingots
Longsword 38 12 Iron Ingots
Battle Axe 39.3 12 Iron Ingots
Halberd 49.1 20 Iron Ingots
Katana 50 8 Iron Ingots
Mace 24.5 6 Iron Ingots
Maul 44.2 10 Iron Ingots
War Hammer 44.2 16 Iron Ingots

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Name Type Skill Materials
Scale Helm Head 24.5 10 Iron Ingots
Plate Helm Head 68 15 Iron Ingots
Scale Chest Torso 49.1 20 Iron Ingots
Plate Chest Torso 85 25 Iron Ingots
Scale Legs Legs 46.7 18 Iron Ingots
Plate Legs Legs 78.8 20 Iron Ingots

Tools[edit | edit source]

Name Skill Materials
Hunting Knife 0 1 Iron Ingot
Hatchet 0 3 Iron Ingots
Mining Pick 5 4 Iron Ingots
Hammer 10 4 Iron Ingots
Shovel 10 4 Iron Ingots
Cooking Pot 15 5 Iron Ingots

Furnishings[edit | edit source]

Name Type Skill Materials
Candelabra Short Lighting 5 1 Iron Ingot