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The combat system in Legends of Aria is a simple skill level to effectiveness translation. The higher the skills, the higher the chance of hitting, and the more damage dealt when hitting.

Combat mechanics[edit | edit source]

Melee Combat[edit | edit source]


Weapons vary by damage type, range, speed, and the primary stat associated with using that weapon. Shorter weapons tend to swing faster, and longer weapons slower.

There are THREE (3) main types of weapons in Legends of Aria which relate to how the weapons are used and the associated skill.

Most weapons also deal the corresponding damage type, to the way they are used, though there are some non-conformists that have deal a different damage type than the associated skill.

Weapon attack rates are dependent on the physical stats of the character, Strength (STR) and Agility (AGI). The Primary stat associated with each weapon, are used to determine which stats have heavier influence on the attack speed, and damage of the weapon. Agility weapons are usually faster, with lower damage, while Strength weapons are usually slow attacking, but heavy hitting. There are also balanced weapons that have a closer to equal weighting of each of those stats toward attack speed. In relation to damage, base damage is weighted very heavily if not completely toward the primary stat.

Weapon Hit Chance:

Hit chance in melee, is determined by the Melee skill, regardless of which weapon is being used. The Chest is the largest target and so that is where most hits land. Each miss causes a recovery penalty, so the next attack is slightly slower. The magnitude of the failure increases this penalty, so an outright miss, carries a larger penalty than being parried or dodged.

Combat abilities[edit | edit source]

There are 3 classes of combat abilities in Legends of Aria:

  • Instant: abilities, are performed immediately, regardless of when you initiate them. So you can perform them right after you have landed a hit.
  • Triggered: abilities are performed on the next regular combat swing.
  • Effect: can either be instant or triggered.
    • Instant effects are applied immediately but do not necessarily coincide with an attack.
      • (Flurry is an effect ability which augments attack speed for its duration)
    • Triggered effects are applied at the next attack, some depend on success or failure of the attack others are agnostic.
      • (Sunder/Impale effects require successful attacks, while FollowThrough does Not)

Combat abilities change the pace of combat. The Legends of Aria combat system is trend tuned, so average DPS remains reasonably the same across large time periods, but in short time frames may vary significantly. Combat abilities temporarily increase the DPS, but as with any elastic system this is usually counterbalanced by a slower attack following the execution of an ability. Use of a combat ability osts stamina even if you fail.

Implemented abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Needs Updated

Spells and combat[edit | edit source]

Current spells[edit | edit source]

Evocation is the skill for offensive magic spells.

Difficulty Spell
1 Ruin
5 Poison
5 Fireball
6 Wall of Fire
6 Lightning
8 Rock Bombardment
8 Energy Bolt
9 Meteor
10 Earthquake

Manifestation is the skill for beneficial magic spells.

Difficulty Spell
1 Heal
3 Defense
3 Recall
4 Cure
5 Teleport
6 Greater Heal
8 Attack
8 Cloak
9 Summon Portal
9 Resurrect
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