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Cooking is a trade skill that allows the preparing of food to provide special bonuses. It was introduced along with eating, hunger, and harvesting skills.

Campfires[edit | edit source]

A campfire.

Campfires are needed for cooking food. They can be created using the carpentry table and skills or found around the world near people such as by the traveling merchant, at other players' housing or even at the bandits and cultist camps in Uaran and Celador.

Raw Animal Meat must be roasted in a Cooking Pot next to a campfire. To cook, place the meat in the cooking pot while standing near a campfire, then right click the cooking pot and choose the 'cook' option. There may be messaging that you fail and lose ingredients, but this isn't always the case. The result is Cooked Animal Meat, which can be consumed to decrease the player's hunger.

Advanced cooking[edit | edit source]

As of 03/02/2018, Advanced cooking is not released.

More advanced Cooking requires a campfire, a Cooking Pot, and additional ingredients. Adding additional ingredients can provide a buff, or an augmentation to a recipe. The more ingredients used, the more filling the food will be and the better the bonuses received, although there are diminishing returns. The Cooking Skill limits the number of different ingredients that can be used, although not the quantity of each ingredient. However, the greater the quantities used, the greater the difficulty.

By cooking their food, players are able to obtain long term buffs through creation of their own recipes. Currently Cooking offers Regenerative bonuses to Health, Mana, and Stamina, but other effects are in the works.

Ingredients can confer the following Augmentations to the finished product:

  • Bonus Potency - Affects the amount of the Buffs applied by the food
  • Bonus Duration - Affects how long the bonuses applied by the food last.
  • Bonus Filling - Affects how filling the food is.

If the final product has any bonuses, it will also have an associated duration and a measure of how filling the food is. This is important since players can only eat so much. If the food is more filling than a player is able to eat, then they will be unable to eat the food.

The duration of the bonus is different from how filling the food is. A stew can be cooked that keeps a player fed for 10 minutes, but the bonus may only last 5 minutes. Multiple food bonuses can be active at the same time, although this tends to be less efficient than just making a more complicated recipe.

Crafted items[edit | edit source]

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