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Currency refers to anything that can be used as a medium for exchange. Currently there are two known currencies: coins and loyalty points.

Coins[edit | edit source]

Coins are the medium for trade throughout Celador. Using currency, players can purchase items, food, buy training, etc.

  • 1 Gold (1 Gold)
  • 10000 Gold = 1 Platinum (1 Platinum)

While collecting loot out in the world, Gold will not convert to Platinum even if you already have a stack of Platinum in your inventory. Coins have a weight of 1 for every 50 Gold. To convert it, place it in your Bank.

Loyalty points[edit | edit source]

Loyalty points are bound to a player's account which means they can be redeemed on any character on an official server. They will also be completely refunded in the rare case of a server wipe during development. This means the points earned now will reward players in full alpha and even release.

Version changes[edit | edit source]

  • Coins were introduced in version 0.1.5.
  • Silver Silver and copper Copper coins were removed in Early Access v0.9.0. Gold now holds the same value that Copper used to, Platinum holds the same value as Gold used to ( 10000 Gold).