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Dungeon Chests spawn in abundance in all dungeons throughout Celador. Generally, the higher level the dungeon, the higher quality of chests will spawn with Halls of Corruption being the lowest. These chests are a great source of spell scrolls and Reagents as well as coins and other loot. They can only be opened with a high enough level of Lockpicking.

Loot and Skill Required[edit | edit source]

The table below shows the possible loot for age chest as well as the minimum skill required to lockpick.

Chest Skill Req. Loot
Level 1
Level 1 chest.png 0
Level 2
Level 2 chest.png 13
Level 3
Level3Chest.png 33
Level 4
Master Level Chest.png 53
Level 5
Export Chest.png 73

*Although there is a minimum skill required to successfully open the chests the chances are extremely low and will say "you have almost no chance of picking this lock".