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Fishing is the capacity to fish. The higher your fishing skill, the better your capacity to reel, catch, and find fish.


Fishing is a trade skill and allows for the catching of fish using the Fishing Rod. Fishing Rods may be created by the Carpentry skill, or bought from the Carpenter.

The higher the skill, the better the chance to catch fish. Along the coast there will be randomly "Schools of xxx-fish". These will give a high-concentration of the named kind of fish.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Harvestable items[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Locations Notes
Barrel Fish, Small Helm, Vilewood, Ceyr Pond, Valus
Barrel Fish, Large Lume Coast, Bel Lake, Valus
Barrel Fish, Legendary Lume Coast
Four Eyed Salar, Small Lake Denir, Vilewood, Bel Lake
Golden Aether Fish, Small Lake Denir, Bel Lake, Ysel Lake
Golden Aether Fish Vilewood
Razor Fish, Small Vilewood, Bel Lake Ysel Lake
Spotted Tero Fish, Small Lume Coast, Bel Lake, Ceyr Pond, Valus
Spotted Tero Fish, Large Mer Beach, Ysel Lake, Valus
Spotted Tero Fish, Gigantic Lume Coast
Spotted Tero Fish, Huge Lume Coast
Tero Fish, Small Lume Coast, Vilewood, Ceyr Pond, Valus
Tero Fish, Large Lume Coast, Valus
Tero Fish, Huge Helm filleting produces 1x Raw Tero Fish Fillet
Tattered SOS (lvl1) everywhere requires 0-10 lockpicking to open*
Soaked Map (lvl2) everywhere requires 10.1-30.1 lockpicking to open*
Weathered Map (lvl3) everywhere requires 30.1-50.1 lockpicking to open*
Rum-stained Map (lvl4) everywhere requires 50.1-70.1 lockpicking to open*
Shell-encrusted Map (lvl5) everywhere requires 70.1+ lockpicking to open*

The weight of all fish is 1.

*It's recommended to have at least 5.0 skill points above the minimum to open the chest, since it might despawn before a successful attempt.

Sunken treasure[edit | edit source]

  • Maps obtained from fishing function very much like Treasure Hunting maps.
  • Upon deciphering the map it'll point you to a general area in the world where you need to travel.
  • When you've reached this destination and study the map further it'll state "You finish studying the map. You believe the sunken treasure is nearby"
  • At this point you need to start fishing at this area, eventually you'll retrieve a locked chest which will be placed next to you and the treasure map disintegrates.
  • As opposed to treasure hunting maps, no monsters spawn when you've uncovered the chest, but it's good to have a fighting skill to fight off the occasional troll/bear.
  • Don't forget to bring your lockpicks though as the chest will be locked, as running away from the chest will despawn it almost immediately
  • If you use the right click and loot option be sure to check you got everything, sometimes 1 or 2 items get left behind.
  • Higher level maps are often in more dangerous areas.
  • Fishing skill level is only required to receive the initial map. Any player can decode the SOS and fish up the chest.

Caution[edit | edit source]

Be Aware that some map locations are currently broken, and some are very dangerous. Some maps in Mer Beach, Helm, and Cast Lake cannot be reached. Black Forest locations such as Vilewood/Bushwood/Spiritwood have a high chance of being attacked by players.

Level Name Obtained with fishing Loot
1 Tattered SOS Any Level 166-247 copper, bandage, lesser healing potion, 20-30 of each Reagents, gems, level 1-3 scrolls, small chance of square/round pillows, gems
2 Soaked Map 30.0+ 514 copper, bandage, lesser healing potion, 20-35 of each Reagents, gems, level 1-3 scrolls, tattered SOS, soaked map, square/round pillows, gems
3 Weathered Map 40.1+ 605-767 copper, bandage, lesser healing potion, 20-35 of each Reagents, gems, level 1-3 scrolls, tattered SOS, soaked map, weathered map, square/Round Pillows, Rugs (Blue Ornate Rug and Red Ornate Rug), Paintings and +1 Jewelery
4 Rum-stained Map 50.1+ 800-900 copper, bandage, lesser healing potion, 20-35 of each Reagents, gems, level 3-6 scrolls, tattered SOS, soaked map, weathered map, Rum-Stained map, Paintings (shattered) & Rug crates, +1-+3 Jewlery
5 Shell-encrusted Map 70.1 + 2600-2900 copper, bandage, healing potion, 20-35 of each Reagents, gems, level 5-8 scrolls, Any level Fishing Map, Various Crates, +1-5 Jewelry, Gems, Random Fish

NPC Trainers[edit | edit source]

The following NPCs can train your fishing skill to 30 for 3 Silver: