Halls of Deception

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Halls of Deception Location

Dungeon Deception is a dungeon located in the Barren Lands in Celador. It is made up of 2 levels. There are floor traps throughout the dungeon.

This information is correct after the hotfix patch on v1.0.0 (PR 10) went live.

Level 1[edit | edit source]

The first level of Deception is made up of 1 large zone, however it has a number of teleport to help you jump from 1 part to another.

  1. Entrance
  2. Scaled Lizardman, Lizardman Archer, Lizardman
  3. wTeleport to point 4.
  4. Teleport to point 3.
  5. Lizardman Mage
  6. Lizardman Mage, Lizardman
  7. Entrance to level 2
  8. Lizardman, Lizardman Archer
  9. Lizardman, Lizardman Archer
  10. Lizardman
  11. Viper
  12. Viper, Scaled Lizardman
  13. Viper, Scorched Beetle
  14. Scorched Beetle, Venomous Beetle

Level 2[edit | edit source]

Tahe second level of Contempt is made up of one larger zone which is accessible via a Rope ladder located on the west side of Deception.

  1. Entrance
  2. Scaled Lizardman, Lizardman Archer, Venomous Beetle, Dark Serpent
  3. Dark Serpent
  4. Dark Serpent
  5. Scorched Beetle
  6. Goliath
  7. Gorgon, Scorched Beetle, Venomous Beetle
  8. Gorgon, Scorched Beetle, Venomous Beetle
  9. Drake, Dragon
  10. Hunter Crocodile, Gorgon
  11. Venomous Beetle, Scorched Beetle, Gorgon
  12. Drake Dragon
  13. Goliath
  14. Gorgon, Dark Serpent, Venomous Beetle
  15. Drake

Other notes of Interest[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Chests can be found in of the Halls of Deception. These require the Lockpicking Skill to open and Lockpicks tool.

Media[edit | edit source]