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Different housing types.

Player housing is a feature that allows players to place one of 13 different housing types on an available piece of land. Players have complete control over the items placed in and around their house including furniture, crafting tools, and lockable storage containers.

Building a house[edit | edit source]

To build a house, players will need a housing blueprint and the construction site has to be big enough and unoccupied. The interaction menu on the blueprint allows players to choose which direction the built house will face, either east or south. Once the house has been created, the blueprint will be used and the player will not be able to move the house.

Decay[edit | edit source]

Houses that are not visited after a time will be dismantled to free up the area for other players.

Home customization[edit | edit source]


Clicking on the house sign opens the house control window. This allows players to rename or destroy their house, create a new door key, or adjust decoration placement.

Housing areas - sorted by Shard[edit | edit source]

This lists the places where players can build a house, if there is a free spot: Needs an updated map.

House types[edit | edit source]

A list of current houses for pre-alpha 3.

Wood House[edit | edit source]

Wood House (Cost: 1 gold, 80 silver)
Wood House (interior)

Wood House Cottage[edit | edit source]

Wood House Cottage (Cost: 2 gold, 50 silver)
Wood House Cottage
Wood House Cottage

Tudor House Mahogany[edit | edit source]

Tudor House Mahogany (Cost: 4 gold, 75 silver)
Tudor House Mahogany
Tudor House Mahogany (Interior)

Tudor House[edit | edit source]

Tudor House (Cost: 15 gold)
Tudor House

Stone House Blacksmith[edit | edit source]

Stone House Blacksmith (Cost: 20 gold)
Stone House Blacksmith (Aka: Stone Forge House)
Stone House Blacksmith

Stone House Tuscan[edit | edit source]

Stone House Tuscan (Cost: 25 gold)
Stone House Tuscan
Stone House Tuscan

Tudor House Oak[edit | edit source]

Tudor House Oak (Cost: 40 gold)
Tudor House Oak
Tudor House Oak

Tudor House Birch[edit | edit source]

Tudor House Birch (Cost: 45 gold)
Tudor House Birch
Tudor House Birch

Stone House Cottage[edit | edit source]

Stone House Cottage (Cost: 50 gold)
Stone House Cottage
Stone House Cottage
Stone House Cottage

Stone House Villa[edit | edit source]

Stone House Villa (Cost: 60 gold)
Stone House Villa
Stone House Villa (Interior)

Tudor House Manor[edit | edit source]

Tudor House Manor (Cost: 1 platinum, 40 gold)
Tudor House Manor
Tudor House Manor (Interior)

Tudor House Estate[edit | edit source]

Tudor House Estate (Cost: 1 platinum, 50 gold)
Tudor House Estate
Tudor House Estate (Rear)
Tudor House Estate (Rear)
Tudor House Estate (Interior 1st floor)
Tudor House Estate (Interior 2nd Floor)
Tudor House Estate (Interior 3rd Floor)

Stone House Estate[edit | edit source]

Stone House Estate (Cost: 1 platinum, 50 gold)
Stone House Estate
Stone House Estate (Rear)
Stone House Estate (Rear)
Stone House Estate
Stone House Estate (Interior)
Stone House Estate (Interior 2nd Floor)
Stone House Estate (Interior)

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