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The In-Game Store was updated in September 2019 to include more items and introduce a new currency.

Accessing the Store[edit | edit source]

To access the in game store a player needs to log into the game and find the chest icon in the tool menu bar on the bottom right of the screen.Shopicon.png

It will show a number of tabs with different items that can be purchased. As well as showing if a player has an active subscription to Legends or Aria and how many months they have subscribed to.

In-game shop UI

How to buy items[edit | edit source]

The in-game store has 2 different currencies Loyalty Points and Gems.

  • Loyalty Point: Earned by logging into the game and referring friends to Legends of Aria.
  • Gems: Can be purchased and earned if a player has a Premium Subscription.

In Game Store[edit | edit source]

Featured Item[edit | edit source]

The featured item slot varies frequently and sometimes add items that aren't normally on sale, like the Certificate of Training, which is sold for 1200 Gems

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Valus Shield 250 Loyalty
Pyros Shield 250 Loyalty
Eldeir Shield 250 Loyalty
Helm Shield 250 Loyalty
Unholy Torch 1000 Gem
Harp 1000 Loyalty

Personalizations[edit | edit source]

Stones[edit | edit source]

Stone Cost
Spirit Stone 1200 Gem
Soulstone 600 Gem
1200 Loyalty

Hair Cuts[edit | edit source]

Style CurrencyGemT.png
Mohawk Hair Style 1000
Barbarian Hair Style 500
Dreads Hair Style 2000

Hair Dyes[edit | edit source]

Dyes CurrencyGemT.png
Juicy Orange Hair Dye 250
Nebula Purple Hair Dye 500
Bloomy Blue Hair Dye 1000
Daffne Yellow Hair Dye 250
Cotton Candy Pink Hair Dye 500
Wicked Green Hair Dye 250
Scarlet Red Hair Dye 250
Gooey Green Hair Dye 500
Rose Glow Pink Hair Dye 1000
Dino Purple Hair Dye 250
Sapphire Blaze Hair Dye 500
Pumpkin Spice Hair Dye 500

Gear Dye[edit | edit source]

Cloth Armor Dyes CurrencyGemT.png
Gold Coin Cloth Armor Dye 100
Eldeir Cloth Armor Dye 600
Barrens Cloth Armor Dye 600
Black Forest Cloth Leather Dye 300
Leather Armor Dyes CurrencyGemT.png
Candy Floss Leather Armor Dye 300
Valus Wine Leather Armor Dye 300
Spiderweb Leather Armor Dye 600
Gold Coin Leather Armor Dye 100
Metal Armor Dyes CurrencyGemT.png
Mer Metal Armor Dye 600
Ruin Metal Armor Dye 300
Shadow Metal Armor Dye 600
Gold Coin Metal Armor Dye 100

Utility[edit | edit source]

Utilities CurrencyGemT.png
Appearance Change 900
Name Change 900
Penitence Scroll 600
Certificate of Training 1200

Premium Subscription[edit | edit source]

You can purchase 1,3,6 and 12 month Premium Subscription.

Gems[edit | edit source]

Gems can be purchased in increments of 300, 600, 1500 and 3000. Gems can be used to buy items from the In-Game Shop.

Redeem[edit | edit source]

The redeem section of the store is used to claim in-game items by entering a code that was received or purchased.