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An Inn is a building located in most of Celador's towns that allows players to rest up and remove fatigue. The Inn also serves as a destination to teleport to when using a Hearthstone.

Rest[edit | edit source]

While Inns are used for "resting", the act of resting is not the same that most games provide. Other games provide rest by allowing players to sleep in a bed, more often than not players would first pay to rent a bed. However, resting is different in Legends of Aria.
When a player begins to lose vitality, they eventually become restless and fatigued. At this point, the player will receive system notifications about being exhausted and will need to go to an Inn to rest. When arriving at an Inn, instead of sleeping in a bed, a player would find another player bard who is currently playing music and right-click on them and select "Listen". This must be a player bard as the NPC bard will only offer training.

A player can know when they successfully selected "Listen" by checking if their character starts dancing.

Teleportation[edit | edit source]

An Inn is also where a player may teleport to with their Hearthstone. Upon character creation, the Hearthstone is automatically connected to the Inn of the character's starting city. The Hearthstone can be changed by entering an Inn in a different city and, when within range, either double-clicking on the Hearth or right-clicking and selecting "Bind To Location".