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Lockpicking is the skill of unlocking chests. These chest can be found all over Celador. Players may find chests in towns, dungeons, and in treasure hunts. A skilled lockpick can open all of them and obtain the valuables inside.

To pick locks, a player must first obtain lockpicks. Lockpicks can be bought from Tinkerer shops in most towns. Lockpicks may also be crafted by (or obtained from) blacksmiths. Chests that are marked as Locked in red text can be unlocked as long as the locked chest are not part of a players plot.

Once a player has obtained some lockpicks, players being lockpicking by activating the lockpicks item in their inventory and then clicking on a locked chest. The player character will then perform an interruptible lockpicking animation with an accompanying timer. At the end of the timer, a check to see if the character successfully picked the lock will be made. If the character succeeded, the chest will open and can be freely looted. If the character fails, the player must attempt to pick the lock again. If the player character is not skilled enough for the chest, the game will notify the player with a message saying "No chance to pick this lock."

Lockpicking skill points are earned whenever the player attempts to pick a lock. "Skill ups" occur regardless of whether the player character was successful in picking the lock.

List of pickable chests
Chest Lockpicking level
Level 1 chest.png Beginner

1 - 10.1

Level 2 chest.png Novice

10.1 - 30.1

Level3Chest.png Apprentice

30.1 - 50.1

Master Level Chest.png Journeyman

50.2 - 70.1

Export Chest.png Master


Exceptions[edit | edit source]

Small Bandit camps

Treasure chests at small bandit camps cannot be picked. Attempting to pick the lock results in a "Cannot pick that lock" message.

Player Crafted Lockboxes
Crafted lockbox.JPG

It is currently not confirmed if the carpentry crafted "Lockbox" will be part of lockpicking. Players may lock them but when attempting to pick them from within the backpack a player receives a message "cannot reach that." When placed on the ground or locked down in a house they still do not work "you can't pick that."

NPC Trainers[edit | edit source]

The following NPCs can train your lockpicking skill to 30 for 3 Silver: