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Lumberjack is a trade skill and allows the cutting of trees to harvest usable wood using a hatchet. The higher the skill, the better wood that can be harvested.

Resources can be further processed using Carpentry.

Harvest-able resources[edit | edit source]

Item Skill level Sample Trees Comments Screenshot
Wood 0
Typical Wood Trees
Normal looking trees & pines (small/normal/tall).

Found anywhere in Celador.

Chopped Wood
Ash 35
Samples of Ash Trees
Found around Eldeir, Valus, Helm and Pyros' Landing for example.

Small/normal/tall trees & pines with orange/brown leaves at the end of the branches. Branches sometimes appear pink (when leafless or when occluded)

Chopped Ash
Blightwood 70
Blightwood Tree
Found around the black forest outpost.

Pines with red needles at the end of the branches and leafless tall trees (around the swamp) Branches sometimes appear pink (when leafless or when occluded). Commonly gives ash, rarely gives blightwood.

Chopped Blightwood

NPC Trainers[edit | edit source]

The following NPCs can train your lumberjack skill to 30 for 3 Silver: