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Manifestation is a combat skill and determines how successful players are about translating their mana into beneficial spells.

  • Each spell has a reagent cost to cast, these can be gathered from the wild, found as loot or bought from an alchemy shop or herbalist.
  • The Channeling skill is a recommended compliment to Manifestation since it enables you to recover mana much faster.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Icon Difficulty Spell Description Reagents Required Mana Recommended skill* 100% Success rate**
Refresh.PNG 1 Refresh Sacrifices up to 20% of casters max mana in exchange for 25%-75% of that amount in stamina. Lemon Grass 10.0 40.1
Heal.png 1 Heal Heals the target. Ginseng 4 10.0 40.1
Infuse.PNG 1 Infuse Sacrifices up to 20% of casters max stamina in exchange for 25%-75% of that amount in mana. Lemon Grass 10.0 40.1
Regenfocus.png 2 Cure Cures the target of poison. Ginseng 6 20.0 50.1
Teleport.png 3 Teleport Teleports to the target location. Ginseng 14 30.0 60.1
Greaterheal.png 4 Greater Heal Greatly heals the target instantly. Ginseng 11 40.0 70.1
Mark.png 5 Mark Inscribes a rune that allows for travel to this location using teleportation. Mushrooms 50 50.0 80.1
Cloak.png 6 Cloak Cloaks the target with invisibility. Mushrooms 14 60.0 90.1
Resurrect.png 7 Resurrect Resurrects the target instantly. Moss 50 70.0 100.0

(99% success rate)

Bindtoportal.png 7 Portal Cast on a marked rune to summon a portal for magical travel. Cannot be used inside Dungeons, or inside player housing. Moss 52 70.0 100.0

(99% success rate)

*This is based of the formula Difficulty level * 10 = Minimum skill required, however you are able to cast the spells at a lower skill but with exceedingly low success rate.

**Based on the formula Difficulty level * 10 + 30.1

General Information
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  1. Portals to Wilderness Areas are RED, be sure you trust the caster before clicking these it could be a trap.
  2. Cloak spell only last about a minute before you are revealed.
  3. The amount healing by Heal or Greater Heal is purely based on your Manifestation skill

Training guide[edit | edit source]

If your skill is below 30.0 then visit a mage NPC to buy training, this will put you at 30.0 skill points.

During your adventures you'll need to fill up your spellbook with scrolls to able to cast those spells. Visit a player vendor to buy the scrolls you need.

Be sure to move around alot between casting spells, as standing still seems to decrease your chance to increase certain skills.

Since Manifestation spells are supportive in nature, you're not able to earn any copper from just casting these spells, unlike Evocation where you can gain skill points and copper from using your spells to kill monsters.

Adventure guide[edit | edit source]

Your manifestation can raise naturally from just going on adventures and using your spells.

If your copper gain from killing monsters outweighs the cost of reagents to kill the monster, and heal yourself, you won't go bankrupt.

30-40: Cast Heal, Even though your success rate is very high you'll gain skill points quite easily at this level.

Tip: Stick to graveyards at this skill level if you're able to kill skeletons and zombies. Avoid having more than one hitting you at a time.

40-60: Cast Greater Heal, at this point you'll be unable to gain any skill points from the regular heal spell, and Greater Heal will fail alot at first, so stick to graveyards or any moderately safe zone.

Tip: If your evocation skill is high enough, casting Wall of Fire is an excellent way to kill several monsters effectively while standing still and healing yourself, remember that the fire will damage you if you stand in it.

60-70: Continue casting Greater Heal, at this point you have about a 75% chance of successfully casting the spell. So you're able to seek out harder challenges, such as the corruption dungeon, if you're able to effectively kill imps and hell hounds

70+: At this point you will be unable to gain any skill points from Greater Heal, refer to the guide below to continue.

Grind-guide[edit | edit source]

  • 30-35: Heal
  • 35-45: Teleport
  • 45-55 (up to 65): Greater Heal
  • 55-65: Mark
  • 65-75 (up to 90): Cloak
  • 75-100: Resurrection

NPC Trainers[edit | edit source]

The following NPCs can train your Manifestation skill to 30 for 3 Silver:

Helpful tips[edit | edit source]

  • At 60 manifestation you have a fair chance of casting the mark spell. Spend some time building up your own rune library for future use. It'll offer you some skill gains and will be very useful when you're able to cast portal.
  • A Blank Rune can only be marked once with the mark spell and cannot be remarked.
  • Having a high agility stat will enable you to use infuse more often to refill your mana.