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Shard[edit | edit source]

A Shard is one big or small area that can be accessed without any further "loading". Shards get the main ruleset from the

cluster but each shard can have it's own additional ruleset, meaning that inside the same cluster the shards can be completely

different worlds.

Realm in light.jpg

  • Each shard has a limitation about the maximum amount of concurrent players. In the current pre-alpha 0.1.6 this limit was set to 24 players, but is planned to increase with future upgrades.
  • Players need "Shard-God" rights given by the "Cluster-God" (Administrator) to change the map/environment!
  • Maps can be modified:
    • by using existing NPCs/Objects as they get used on the official Servers
    • by adding new content/design/templates/.. (almost endless possibilities)
  • Shards (Maps) can connect to other Shards, inside the same cluster, via Teleporter