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Resource Gallery - Overview[edit | edit source]

this is an archive for those dedicated to the ShardsOnline Wiki and the Modders of our community

Logos (incl. "approved by"/"supported by"/.. CS)[edit | edit source]

Approved-logo ShardsOnline small.jpg

Approved-logo Citadel small.jpg

Powered by-logo small.jpg

Shards join us now.jpg

Shards Unleash the Heavens.jpg

Shards mathematics.jpg




Icons[edit | edit source]

Icon shards-modding.jpg

Wallpaper + Background[edit | edit source]

Shards-online celador-ruins.jpg

Shards-online ruins-of-the-artificers-1024x486.jpg

Shards-online graphics-comparison-06.jpg

Shards-online cooking-720x340.jpg

Shards-online celador-01.jpg

Shards-online catacombs-720x340.jpg

Shards graveyard at night.jpg

Shards-online Houses2.jpg

Shards-online character-sheet PreAlpha.jpg


Shards-online celador-04.jpg

Shards-online BlackForest.jpg

Shards portal closed.jpg

Shards-lumberjack hut.jpg

Shards ruins of the artificer.jpg

Shards smithy.jpg

Shards spider queen.jpg

Shards Tethys-Godess-Of-Water.jpg

Shards ruins-860x280.jpg

Shards open gate plus banner.jpg

Shards altar-etherial.jpg