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Patch Notes for Shards Online

you find the Patch Notes here or on the official website

latest/current version: 0.3.0

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sorted by Development Phase

Pre Alpha 3 - (0.3.x)

the upcoming version is 0.3.0 and starts at Dez 10th 2015 Release 0.3.0 Patch Notes


Keys and locking doors/containers
Key ring – You can now add any key to your keyring by using the object interaction menu on a key (right click). To view your key ring you click the key ring button on the character window.
Copy – You can now copy keys as long as you have a blank key in your pack. Buy blank keys from the general store in the village
Door Keys – You can now get a door key from the house control window of your house
You now automatically open locked containers and doors if you have the key
Player Combat Targeting flag: When the flag is turned off, you will not damage other players from weapons or attack spells. If another player attacks you it will automatically turn on. This is intended to help with accidentally hitting friendly players during big fights.
Guards prosecute you for streaking now. (Yes, Dan is a little crazy, but that is why we love him)
You can now “Untrack” a quest from the quest window
Added quest complete window
Added buyable recipes for weapons and tools
Changed many recipes to “basic” which means you don’t need to learn them
Added a starter zone near town with more easy animals
You can now re-pack objects that are placed in the world outside a house plot


Close banks and containers when moving out of range.
Fix selling items showing decimal values
Fixed issue with name getting cut off in target window of decorate tab
Fix being able to tame animals from really far away (Sorry! taming rabbits will be much harder now lol.)
Add min skill to harvest for blightwood (20), iron (15) and cobalt (30)
Fix AI not returning home properly
If a mob can’t get home during leash, make him decay
Fix super killer bunny pets
Pets now have same stat cap as players
Fix rogue skill gains. To gain rogue skill from stealth you must actually avoid detection from another mob. (Try sneaking up behind them)
Fix not being able to place equipment on the second page of the hotbar
Sell price of an item is scaled to it’s durability.
Teleporters bring your pets.
Sprint no longer sends you into combat
Guard protection for pets, from pets
Fix sometimes not getting kicked back to main screen when disconnected from login server
Fix bug making it hard to click objects that are near a mobile
Hitting / now activates the chat window and enters a slash automatically
Fix when dragging container UI fast enough you start moving
Fix many object icons missing from the crafting windows

Pre Alpha 2 - (0.2.x/0.1.1)

Release 0.2.6 Patch Notes (


Improved Targeting System
Space bar sets current target to object highlighted by the mouse
Tab cycles through nearby targets
Target window
Interaction Menu: Most objects in the world allow for multiple ways to interact with them. We added a radial menu to provide access to these additional interactions.
Added mouse control schemes
Default: Left click handles movement and object interaction, right click opens the interaction menu
Classic: Left click handles object interaction, right click handles movement, Alt-Left click to open interaction menu
Controls Window: Allows for switching of mouse control schemes and key remapping
Splitting stack support for stacked objects
Animal Taming UI: Shows tamers their pets’ stats and allows for dragging pet commands to the hotbar.
Character Customization: Choose from different skin type and hair options in limbo before you enter Celador.
Equipment names are now colored based on the quality
Flimsy: Light Brown
Stout: Green
Sturdy: Light Blue
Crafting now guarantees a number of improvement successes based on the quality of the item
Stout: 1 guaranteed improvement
Sturdy: 2 guaranteed improvements
New Spell: Bind Portal – Opens a portal to the location your soul is currently bound to.
Equipment Repair – Crafting tools have a repair option on the interaction menu
Quest Tracker – Allows you view finished/unfinished quests and lets you change the currently tracked quest
House decoration window has been given a facelift
Housing and quest buttons added to hotbar (Housing button only appears if you are inside your house plot)
Added guaranteed guard protection from PvP in the plains region of the map (except in the arena)
Add message to indicate when you have entered or left a guard region


It is now much easier to click on NPCs and creatures.
Fixed issues with the protect the tree quest
Fixed not being able to tame a new pet when yours has decayed
Fixed “moon walk” when players stopped running
Skills in character window now sort by amount
Intermediate resource recipes now appear before other recipes in the crafting window
Can now equip the hunting knife
Fixed bear overpopulation problem
Fix object handles that go above the container disappearing when you try to mouse over them
Characters now face target when casting spells


The watermark in game still says 0.2.5
Character window and portraits do not animate

Pre Alpha 1 - (0.0.x/0.1.0)

the first build used for Kickstarter and until Pre-Alpha2 (Summer 2015)

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