Phase 1 Modding (Custom Rulesets)

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Custom Rulesets[edit | edit source]

A Cluster is a grouping of Shards comprising a specific Game-Universe. Each Cluster has specific rules (Ruleset).

Official Shards (Default Ruleset)[edit | edit source]

Official Shards from Citadel Studios run under a Default Ruleset setting specific to a given Shard.

Private Shards (Custom Ruleset)[edit | edit source]

Players can start their own Cluster and change the rules of their own world as they like it.

Character Data (Cluster-bound)[edit | edit source]

Character Data is tied to a Cluster:
  • Player Characters can travel between Shards connected under the same Cluster (assuming they know where and how to do so and
have met whatever requirements are set by the Shard/Cluster owners).
  • Player Characters can NOT travel between Shards of different Clusters (or from Cluster to Cluster). :
So it´s not possible to gear up on a Cluster with an easy Ruleset and then go to another Cluster with a hardcore Ruleset (maybe openPvP, Permadeath) and PvP everyone down!

That said, you need to create a new Character for each Cluster.