Power Hour Potion

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Power Hour Potion
Power Hour Potion
This potion will give you one hour of increased skill gain chance. Only usable once every 24 hours.


Weight: 1

Power Hour Potion was originally discussed by Citadel as a potential Loyalty Reward, but was removed after significant feedback from the player base.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • It was re-introduced in the 3-day event in February 2019. Players could farm specific event mobs throughout the world for fragments. 5,000 fragments could be redeemed to acquire a potion. Each account could only acquire a limit of 3 potions during the event.
  • Each account could earn one additional potion per day for logging into the game during PAX (March 28 - March 31, 2019).
    • These potions appear to be bugged. To use, put them on your hotbar.

The item is blessed. They are not bound to the account that acquired them. They are considered valuable to many high-end crafters attempting to maximize their gains approaching GM.

It is unknown if they will be brought back at a later time.