Power Hour Potion

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Power Hour Potion
Power Hour Potion
This potion will give you one hour of increased skill gain chance. Only usable once every 24 hours.


Weight: 1

Power Hour Potion was originally discussed by Citadel as a potential Loyalty Reward, but was removed after significant feedback from the player base.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • It was re-introduced in the 3-day event in February 2019. Players could farm specific event mobs throughout the world for fragments. 5,000 fragments could be redeemed to acquire a potion. Each account could only acquire a limit of 3 potions during the event.
  • Each account could earn one additional potion per day for logging into the game during PAX (March 28 - March 31, 2019).
    • These potions appear to be bugged. To use, put them on your hotbar.
  • During the 4th of July Weekend players could login over the weekend and receive 1 Power Hour Potion per day

The item is blessed. They are not bound to the account that acquired them. They are considered valuable to many high-end crafters attempting to maximize their gains approaching GM.

It is unknown if they will be brought back at a later time.