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The subject of this article is no longer obtainable or has been removed from the game.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorized.

Power words are the words a mage speaks when casting a spell. There are currently 19 distinct words that can be spoken in various phrases when casting a spell.

Speculation alert[edit | edit source]

This is pretty much all speculation and guesswork here on out, an attempt to translate the words to English and to match the spells they're associated with, based on what seems logical and what seems familiar from the UO power words system.

Of note are the words Nex, Sul, Lu, Gon, Hom, Gar, Hal and Sho, as there are only one instance of each of these words in the spell list, making it harder to cross compare and come up with a definition. These words are marked with an asterisk* in the below table. (note: this assumes the instance of the word "Fier" in fireball is simply a misspelling of "Feir" and not a unique power word)

Power Word List[edit | edit source]

Word Meaning
On remove or negate
Ex health
Kor greater
Feir fire
Ro create or restore
Ven poison
Vul energy (this could also work as a reference to people, or matter in general)
Ruh "conjure"? (vague, but so is the usage) could also be "nature" or something that works for both lightning and rock
Bol "death" is the only thing that sort of fits all cases ("matter" or "being" would work better for the evocation spells)
Nex* something really bad
Sul* summon?
Lu* defense
Pal "extra removal of" (prefix) or "extra addition of" (suffix), or maybe simply "modify"... basically, buffs
Gon* gone...
Hom* home.
Gar* (unknown)
Das movement
Hal* (unknown, maybe human)
Sho* shadows

* Words with a single appearance.

Spells and their translations[edit | edit source]


Spell Power words Translation
Harm On Ex remove health
Fireball Kor Fier(sp) greater fire
Poison Ro Ven create poison
Lightning Vul Ruh Bol conjure energy death
Wall of Fire Ro Feir Bol create fire death
Rock Bombardment Kor Ruh Feir conjure greater fire (assume this is meant for "Explosion" instead, as this mimics the UO explosion spell)
Energy Bolt Nex Vul super-nega-death energy!
Meteor Sul Kor Feir summon greater fire

Note: Earthquake doesn't have any power words, but if I had to guess, possibilities include "Sul Ruh Bol", "Sul Kor Bol", or "Kor Ruh Bol"


Spell Power words Translation
Heal Ro Ex create health
Defense Lu Pal defense (extra addition of)
Recall Gon Hom gone/going home
Repel Feir Gar unsure - this spell has nothing to do with fire
Cure On Ven remove poison
Teleport Das Vul movement of energy
Greater Heal Ro Kor Ex create greater health
Attack Pal Ex (extra removal of) health
Cloak Ro Hal Sho create shadows
Resurrect On Bol remove death
Bind Portal Kor Das Vul greater movement of energy