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Prestige Abilities are extra abilities your character can learn in addition to the basic weapon and skill abilities.

These abilities are learned via prestige skill books that drop in the world that will simply be titled the name of the prestige ability. Each prestige ability requires the character know a certain skill to an adequate level, and the book will show the requirement to learn the ability. It also costs a certain amount of ability points (visible on your character sheet by hitting "C"). If your character meets all the criteria, you can visit the appropriate trainer (Fighter, Mage, Rogue) in town to consume the book and add the ability to your hotbar.

If a player attempts to learn a new ability, they will be asked to forget one to make room.

Prestige abilities are permanent unless overridden by a different ability.

A character may learn three abilities of any level (for example, three level 1 abilities) but may only have three learned at once.

Attempting to learn a 4th prestige ability will prompt the player to pick one of the currently existing known ones to replace with the new ability.

**Note** As of last patch Tier 1 Undead (Skeletons/Zombies) no longer drop Skillbooks.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To train a prestige ability you need fulfill three requirements.

  1. You must first obtain a prestige skill book. Each individual ability has a prestige book meaning you can mix and match prestige abilities from all of the classes.
  2. You need the requisite amount of ability points depending on the tier of prestige ability you are training. Ability points are obtained by gaining prestige experience by killing monsters. Gaining 1000 prestige experience gives you 1 Ability Point
    • Level 1: 3 Point
    • Level 2: 10 Points
    • Level 3: 25 Points
  3. You must have the requisite skill levels on your character. This requirement varies by prestige ability and level.
A Prestige Ability book

Prestige Ability Books[edit | edit source]

Ability books are an item found as loot and are available in three different tiers. Ability books are a part of the requirement for learning the respective ability and will be consumed on use.

Rank 1[edit | edit source]

Prestige abilities which cost 3 ability points to learn. The ability books in this rank are: Hamstring, Stun Strike, Empower, Spellchamber, Dart, Wound.

Have been found as loot on

Rank 2[edit | edit source]

Prestige abilities which cost 10 ability points to learn. The ability books in this rank are: Charge, Shield Bash, Silence, Ice Barrier, Evasion, Stun Shot.

Have been found as loot on

Rank 3[edit | edit source]

Prestige abilities which cost 25 ability points to learn. The ability books in this rank are: Adrenaline Rush, Vanguard, Mage Armor, Meditation, Hunters Mark, Vanish.

Have been found as loot on

  • Awakening Dragon

Prestige Abilities List and Details[edit | edit source]

Name Image Discipline Cost Requirement Skill Description Cast time (sec) Duration (sec) Cooldown (Seconds)
Adrenaline Rush AdrenalineRush.png Fighter 25 80 Vigor, Light Armor Feel a rush of adrenaline and restore stamina rapidly. 120
Charge ChargeCharge.png Fighter 10 60 Bashing/Slashing/Brawling/Lancing/Piercing, Vigor Charge at your target and stun them for 3 seconds. 3 45
Hamstring HamstringHamstring.png Fighter 3 40 Vigor Reduces your targets runspeed by 50% for 6 seconds. 6 20
Shield Bash ShieldBashShieldBash.png Fighter 10 60 Heavy Armor, Blocking Stun the target for 8 seconds. Reduced to 4 seconds for players. 8/4 60
Stun Strike StunStrikeStunStrike.png Fighter 3 40 Lancing Stun all enemies 4 yards in front of your for 5 seconds. Stuns players

for 3 seconds.

5/3 20
Vanguard VanguardVanguard.png Fighter 25 80 Heavy Armor, Blocking Movement speed reduced by 20%. Damage received reduced by 80%.

Half of all recieved is reflected. Duration 5 seconds.

5 120
Empower EmpowerEmpower.png Mage 3 40 Manifestation Your heal spells will do 50% healing to friendly targets within 8 yards

of target. Lasts 10 seconds.

10 60
Mage Armor MageArmorMageArmor.png Mage 25 80 Evocation, Manifestation Prevents interruptions & reflects spell damage back at the attacker

to a total of 200 damage. Duration 10 seconds.

10 120
Meditation MeditationMeditation.png Mage 25 80 Manifestation Increase mana regeneration significantly for 30 seconds, while

standing still.

30 ?
Silence SilenceSilence.png Mage 10 60 Channeling, Evocation Silences the target from spellcasting for 3 seconds. If silenced during

casting. Silence duration is increased by 2 seconds.

Spellchamber SpellChamberSpellChamber.png Mage 3 40 Evocation When activated, the next spell cast (5 difficulty or less) may be

stored and released at will.

Ice Barrier IceBarrierIceBarrier.png Mage 10 60 Evocation, Manifestation Summon an ice barrier, becoming immobile and immune to damage.

Cannot cast, use abilities or items. Duration 5 seconds.

Dart DartDart.png Rogue 3 40 Light Armor Increase movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds. 60
Evasion EvasionEvasion.png Rogue 10 60 Light Armor Increase evasion by 10 for 7 seconds. 30
Hunters Mark HuntersMarkHuntersMark.png Rogue 25 80 Archery Mark your target, preventing them from hiding/cloaking and increases

all bow damage received by 9.99% for 30 seconds.

Stun Shot StunShotStunShot.png Rogue 10 80 Vigor, Archery Stun your target for 5 seconds, 3 seconds for players. 60
Vanish VanishVanish.png Rogue 25 80 Hiding, Stealth Instantly hide. Removes all player debuffs. 60
Wound WoundWound.png Rogue 3 40 Archery Wound your target, slowing them by 70% for 3 seconds. 0.5 second

cast time.


Disclaimer: Currently there are ability books obtainable for abilities that are no longer in game. If the name does not match one of the above it has no use.