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Prestige Abilities are extra abilities your character can learn in addition to the basic weapon abilities. There are 3 ranks of each prestige ability, marked with roman numerals, for example "Backstab I", "Backstab II" and "Backstab III", with the higher ranks providing more power to the ability in some way.

These abilities are learned via green books that drop in the world that will simply be titled the name of the prestige ability. Each prestige ability requires the character know a certain skill to an adequate level, and the book will show the requirement to learn the ability. It also costs a certain amount of the "prestige" resource (visible on your character sheet by hitting "C"), specifically 800 for Rank I, 15,000 for Rank II, and 25,000 for Rank III. If your character meets all the criteria, you can visit the appropriate trainer in town to consume the book and add the ability to your hotbar.

Prestige abilities are permanent unless overridden by a different ability.

A character may learn three abilities of any rank (for example, three rank 1 abilities), but may only have three learned at once, and can only learn one version of a single ability (attempting to learn Snipe II while already having Snipe I will result in the second rank version overwriting the first rank version).

Attempting to learn a 4th prestige ability will prompt the player to pick one of the currently existing known ones to replace with the new ability.

Ranks[edit | edit source]

Prestige abilities have 3 ranks for each ability. As ranks tend to only modify attribute numbers of an ability, they are displayed in the below table like so: [2/4/6] where in this example, rank one indicates a value of 2, rank two a value of 4, and rank three a value of 6. A question mark, or lack of the golden brackets entirely, indicates missing data.

As well, the exact skill requirements differ for each rank. Some abilities require multiple skills to be at the same skill level. Some abilities only require a single skill out of a set of skills.

Prestige Ability List[edit | edit source]

Name Requirement Description Cooldown (Seconds)
Backstab 20 Piercing Instant weapon swing with 60 extra attack, must be behind target and wielding a dagger 20
Charge 20 Slashing or Bashing or Piercing or Heavy Armor Proficiency Charge at your target and stun them for 2 seconds. (10 unit range) 20
Dart 20 Light Armor Proficiency Increase movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds. 30
Destruction 20 Channeling & Evocation Your next direct hit spell does an additional 40% damage enemies within 8 yards of target.
Empower 20 Channeling & Magic Affinity Your next heal spell will do 40% healing to those within 8 yards of target. 30
Evasion [20/?/80] Light Armor Proficiency Increase evasion by [10/?/20] for [5/?/7] seconds. 30
Hamstring [20/50/?] Slashing or Piercing or Bashing or Vigor Reduce your targets runspeed by 50% for [2/4/?] seconds. 20
Vanguard [20/50/?] Heavy Armor Proficiency Movement speed is reduced by [30%/25%/?], damage received is reduced by [60%/70%/?] and returning it to the attacker. Duration [3/4/?] seconds. 30
Spellchamber [20/30/?] Evocation & Channeling When activated, the next spell cast ([2/4/?] difficulty or less) may be stored and released at will. 15
Stasis [20/30/?] Channeling & Manifestation Enter a stasis field, becoming immobile and immune to damage. Cannot cast, use abilities or items. Duration [4/6/?] seconds. 60
Spellshield [20/30/?] Channeling & Manifestation Reflects spell damage back at the attacker to a total of [35/45/?] damage. Duration [3/5/?] seconds. 15
Silence [20/?/80] Channeling & Manifestation Silences the target from spellcasting for [1/?/3] seconds. If silenced during casting, Silence duration is increased by 2 seconds (15 unit range) 20
Snipe [20/50/?] Archery 100% chance to hit, attack increased by [80/120/?] for the shot. [4.0/3.5/?] second cast. 10
Stun Shot 20 Archery Stun your target for 3 seconds, 1 second for players. 10
Stun Strike [20/50/?] Lancing Stun all enemies [2/3/?] yards in front of you for [2/3/?] seconds. Stuns players for [1/2/?] second. 20
Shield Bash [20/50/80] Blocking and Heavy Armor Profiency stun the target for [2/4/6]seconds. Stuns players for [1/2/3] second(s). 15 second cooldown