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These reports are part of the Player Lore project.

Books[edit | edit source]

Along The Caester Run[edit | edit source]

To the southwest of the town of Valus, there lies a wild and fertile land.

We'll start our trip in the town of Valus. Just outside the city walls, merchants present their goods lined up next to the Caester's banks just until the outer walls which form the Guarded Lands of Valusia.

Right ourside, we encounter a small wooden bridge across the Caester. It leads to a hill on the other bank. Although this area is not under the protection of the Order, the wonderful view from here has attracted settlers. Looking across the Souther Hills from here, you can see the mist on the river bed in the early morning hours crawling through the lands like a snake.

Shortly after that peaceful hill, the river makes a bend which is called the Black Peninsula due to a family of black bears which lives there. They fiercely defend their home against any intruder, be it man or animal. Be warned to have fast steed or a good armour and a sharp blade with you, should you enter.

Following the Caester farther on, you'll reach a river arm which spreads from here. It marks the border which divides East and West Valusia. This spot is famous along the fishermen for its cold and clear water which carries many herds of salmon in late autumn.

Once you have crossed the border, it's just a short way until you reach the Brooks. The woods on your way are home to many grizzly bears which are less aggressive than their brethren from the Black Peninsula, but quite more impressive to see. The unwary traveller should be aware of the Brooks, because a large band of bandits is hiding in the woods, out of the Order's reach.

Not far further down a river arm leads to Bel Lake and the hamlet of Belhaven. Once a sprawling mining colony, little is left of the former riches. The locals have turned to fishing now. The mine of Belhaven still is intact and might me a worthy goal for travellers who whant to search the mountain's treasure.

West Valusia is known best for Belhaven by Bel Lake, and the trolls which inhabit the region of Yoln's Bluff. The Caester ends its run in a small lake and marks toe border to even wilder lands, beginning at Yoln's Bluff and spreading farther north and west. The coast is worth the trip, though; and having seen the open sea, the traveller returns along the Caester to Belhaven, getting some supplies for his next trip.