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Runebooks are blessed books crafted by players to hold marked runes. These books can be charged with the Charge Runebook spell or scroll. Each cast will give the runebook 5 charges and it can hold a maximum of 10 charges. When a rune is placed inside of a book, it will get its own page. From this page you can rename the rune, remove the rune, cast Recall or cast Portal. Using Recall will consume one charge and teleport you to the location. Choosing Portal will cast the magery spell Portal on the rune. This requires having high enough magic and Moss. Once cast, it will open a gateway between the location the spell was cast and the marked location of the rune. A runebook can hold 16 runes.

Runebooks are made through Inscription and require a skill level of 60 to attempt crafting one and takes 10 Ancient Scrolls to make one