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Legends of Aria relies on a proficiency based system, therefore skill points are gained by performing actions. Players may learn skills from various NPCs for a maximum of 30 points. There are currently 21 skills available. As of Alpha, skills are capped at a total of 600 skill points. Skills can be access by pressing the K key and can be set to a maximum level with a slider found on the individual skills window. Skills can be tracked or untracked on the right side of the UI by clicking the "Track Skill" button on the skill window. Up to 6 skills can be tracked at one time.

Combat skills[edit | edit source]

A character may choose to train any of the following combat skills:

  • Animal Lore - Allows players to determine the strengths and weaknesses of certain creatures. It also aids in animal control.
  • Animal Taming - Animal Taming is the ability to control certain creatures.
  • Archery - Archery determines effectiveness at hitting enemies when using weapons of this type.
  • Bashing - Bashing determines effectiveness at hitting enemies when using weapons of this type.
  • Beastmastery - Beastmastery is the next step after Animal Taming, allowing the player to control even stronger beasts.
  • Blocking - Blocking determines effectiveness using a shield.
  • Channeling - Channeling determines the ability to avoid attacks whilst casting spells
  • Evocation - Evocation determines how successful a player is at casting offensive magic spells.
  • Healing - Healing determines effectiveness using bandages and other items crafted with a Triage Kit.
  • Heavy Armor Proficiency - The player's effectiveness at using heavy armor, such as chainmail.
  • Hiding - Allows the player to become hidden, removing them from the sight of other players.
  • Lancing - Lancing determines effectiveness of using polearm class weapons.
  • Light Armor Proficiency - The player's effectiveness at using light armor, such as leather.
  • Magic Affinity - Magic Affinity determines a player's passive and active mana regeneration.
  • Manifestation - Manifestation determines how successful a player is at casting defensive or general magic spells.
  • Piercing - Piercing determines effectiveness at hitting enemies when using weapons of this type.
  • Slashing - Slashing determines effectiveness at hitting enemies when using weapons of this type.
  • Stealth - Stealth allows the player to move while hidden.
  • Vigor - Vigor determines the amount of damage done with weapons.

Trade skills[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

The higher a player's skill, the better the items that can be created.

  • Alchemy - The capacity to manipulate the magic in different ingredients to create better potions.
  • Blacksmithing - The capacity to be able to work metal and allows creation of metal items.
  • Carpentry - The capacity to work wood. Allows the creation of wooden items.
  • Cooking - The ability to prepare food for consumption. Eating prepared food can also provide special bonuses.
  • Fabrication - The capacity to work leather and cloth to make items, clothing, and furniture. Allows creation of cloth and leather items.
  • Inscription - The ability to craft spell scrolls & spellbooks, as well as staves.

Gathering[edit | edit source]

The higher a player's skill, the better their capacity to gather resources.

  • Fishing - The capacity to fish. The higher your fishing skill, the better your capacity to reel, catch, and find fish.
  • Lumberjack - The capacity to harvest wood from trees. The higher this skill is, the better wood that can be harvested from trees.
  • Mining - The process of breaking rock to find usable metal ore. The higher the skill the better the chance of finding decent ore when mining.

Other skills[edit | edit source]

  • Treasure Hunting - Treasure Hunting determines a player's ability to decipher treasure maps and locate buried treasure.

Removed skills[edit | edit source]

These skills were in previous builds of Legends of Aria but are either currently or no longer available.

  • Animal Ken - Knowledge of animals. Taming, and controlling animals.
  • Butchery - Harvesting parts from creatures.
  • Dodge - One of the best ways to avoid getting hit.
  • Dueling - Dueling determines your advanced knowledge of weaponry. Dueling is a prerequisite skill for using Primary and Secondary weapon attacks.
  • Endurance - Endurance is the body's ability to recover energy after exertion. Endurance doesn't limit what you can do. Also provides a bonus to stamina pool.
  • Foraging - Harvesting plants and herbs.
  • Melee - Melee determines how well you fight. In shards melee ability directly correlates to hit chance regardless of what weapon you are using. Melee skill also provides a slight bonus to your ability to parry attacks.
  • Necromancy - A combination of direct damage and summoned minions makes any master of this skill a force to be reckoned with. The higher your skill, the more minions you can control at one time (up to 3).
  • Regeneration - Regeneration is the body's ability to heal itself. Through training and concentration the body can learn to heal itself from all but the most dire wounds. Also provides a bonus to direct healing and health pool.
  • Restoration - Restoration was a skill that governed the effectiveness of Manifestation based healing magic.
  • Rogue - The shadier pursuits; thievery, stealth, etc.
  • Salvage - Allows the salvaging of raw material from existing items.

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