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Most activities in Legends of Aria which perform any form of success/failure checking are either dependent on or affected by the stats and/or the skill of the character performing them.

Primary attributes[edit | edit source]

There are six stats for characters and creatures which affect proficiency at certain activities. Stats grow when players use a skill that requires the stat. For example, using a weapon will affect strength & agility. Since performing actions increase these stats, they can be turned up, down, or locked.

The starting value of each stat is 20, the minimum is 10, i.e. cannot go lower, and the maximum value for any stat is 50. The maximum total of all stats is 150.

Stat Primary influence on Primary factor for Additional benefits Activities to increase Stat
Strength Weapon Damage Increases damage with weapons Weight Allowance Mining


Agility Stamina Pool


Swing speed, bandage cooldown, and critical strike chance with weapons Movement speed Hiding


Crafting bandages and healing salves

Intelligence Mana Pool Increases spell damage - Fabrication

Animal Taming

Constitution Health Pool Increases Health Pool - Mining

Animal Taming

Crafting bandages and healing salves

Wisdom Magic Resistance Magic resistance and effects (Chance to take 50% Magic Damage) - Animal Taming
Will CC Resistance Protection from stuns and traps Chance/Luck modifier

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