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Several training guides are available on the respective skill pages, this page serves as a hub for additional or external guides.

Training Guides (Melee and Archery)[edit | edit source]

Legends of Aria New Player Melee Guide[edit | edit source]

by Kurtlicious / Coals McSteel - Complete guide available on google docs

Level Range Monsters
0-30 Purchase Skill, Training Dummy or Sewers.
30 - 55 Graveyard in Eldeir Village, Helm, Valus or Pyros' Landing.
55 - 80 Harpy, Pirates, Trolls, Liches, Hobgoblins, Gargoyle, Giant Beetles.
80 - 100 Vile Spiders, Forest Walkers, Drake, Bugbear (Ground Shakes! Missions).

How to Level a Warrior[edit | edit source]

by VarietyMMOs

Old Training Guides[edit | edit source]

Old Leveling Guide[edit | edit source]

from old guides page, updated. It's recommended to purchase skill training to 30.0 from NPC Trainers.

Level Range Monsters
0-20 It's recommended to purchase skill training to 30.0 from NPC Trainers, but if you cannot, you can start killing chicken in town, which is also good to harvest food. Training dummies in or around towns are also good to start training your skills and getting used to the game's combat system, as well as tweaking your settings, esp. keyboard shortcuts.
20-35 Sewers in cities are protected areas where you can increase your skills with more difficulties. You will also be able to start looting money. Graveyards are also good game, with more difficulty, thus also good to start learning about the environment around cities.
35-60 The graveyards are protected areas providing increasing difficulty.
  • When reaching a level good enough for killing zombies When reaching a level good enough for killing zombies (45-60 attack skill), you want to stock up money at this point (esp. to buy better equipment or housing). Make sure to:
    • Stock up on bandages (100+)
    • Have Healing skill at 50+
    • Have Vigor skill at 35+
    • Liches (at the very back of the graveyard) will require Wisdom to 20+ to reduce magic damage.
    • Dismiss your horse, you can easily get dismounted during attack and thus get your horse killed.
60-100 Several options are possible, all being with some level of danger
  • Outside areas: Trolls, Hunter/Huntress and Vile Spiders in south-east Black Forest are high enough difficulty to improve your skills while making good money. However black forest is an unprotected area and thus subject to Open PVP rules. However, when killed, it is still fairly easy to recover one's body (if not already looted after PVP). Those areas are recommended when playing solo and in small team (team mostly to avoid being PK).
  • Dungeons: The Corruption Dungeon south-east of the Broken Spine mountains along the Lethe River is an increasing complexity area. It is located in a protected area but dying in a dungeon makes it difficult to recover one's body, since monsters are going to spawn back after a certain time. It is thus recommended to team up (5 or more) to get into dungeons even though the beginning can usually be achieved solo.
  • Start at beginning of dungeon do not push farther then your character can handle.
  • Remember to dismiss your horse.
  • Bring 100+ Bandages
Corruption Dungeon Monsters Attack Skill Notes
Imps 60+ Can be handled Solo
Greater Imps 70+ Can skill be handled Solo with Wisdom and Constitution 25+ each.
Gargoyles 70+ Requires Group. Fast spawn very easy to get overwhelmed.
Gluttons / Flaming Skulls / Greater Demons 85-100 Requires Group.