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The information in this article is up-to-date as of version Early Access v0.8.3.

Treasure hunting is a specialization skill and determines your ability to decipher treasure maps, locate and dig buried treasures out. Higher level of that skill allows deciphering higher level maps.

It requires the use of a shovel to dig out treasure. Chest will open after all of monsters are dead. Alternatively you can kite monsters while a skilled lockpicker tries to open chest.

Process[edit | edit source]

Upon acquisition of a map, it can be deciphered/studied (right click) to find the area the treasure is located.

Once going to the given area, the map can be studied further to locate the treasure precisely. The map will provide direction to follow.

Beware, each failure to decipher/study the map will slowly wear it off until destruction.

Once the map study returns "treasure is nearby", the player can use the shovel to dig (right click).

If the treasure is nearby you get "treasure is not buried here" kind of messages and a small pile of dirt appears, if it's far away you get "you find nothing interesting".

Depending on the accuracy of the map, the area you can dig in can be very small or quite large. Every time you dig near the treasure there's a chance of skill increase (so it can be beneficial to dig around the treasure).

Once the treasure is discovered, the map will be destroyed.

Beware, at discovery, a set of spawned monsters will appear. So be ready to fight.

The treasure chest is locked and can be picked, however killing all the monsters will unlock the chest. The chest will disappear after a certain time.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If the monsters that spawn from the map are difficult to handle for you, dig and then mount on horseback so that you can quickly get away from the monsters and start luring them away. (You can not dig on horseback)
  • If you take too long to kill the monsters, the treasure disappears along with the remaining monsters.
  • Sometimes the treasure is located in an inaccessible area, for these you need to use the Teleport spell/scroll. Once you dig up the treasure you either need to be able to withstand all the monsters attacking you at once or you need to have high enough Manifestation to be able to teleport away quickly without fizzling. If you die in the inaccessible area, you need to use "/stuck" to get out and you most likely will not make back in time to reclaim your body and stuff.
  • If you don't wish to use teleport spell to access the inaccessible maps, don't throw them away; study them repeatedly, there will be some skill gain.
  • Drag the maps to your quick action (hotkey) bar, faster than right-clicking and selecting study from context menu.
  • The map you are currently trying to find needs to be in your backpack, not in a pouch that is in your backpack, for treasure hunting to work. However, all other maps must be in a pouch in your backpack when you dig, otherwise you will not be able to find the chest.
  • When dealing with higher level maps that you're likely to destroy, or maps that are on the verge of destruction, you can guess the location and dig to find the area where the treasure is buried. You'll lose some time on the guesses, but at least the map will not get destroyed before you find the treasure. E.g., if the map points north, then you can start going north and digging a bit every few steps to see if you found the area.
  • If you're digging outside the treasure area it'll state "You find nothing of interest here", when you are digging within the treasure area it'll state "The treasure is not buried here" (or "That location has already been excavated") - which means you're close.
  • When you've find the treasure area, you can keep deciphered the map to gain additional skill points, continue doing this until the map is about to break.If the map does break, you can't dig up the treasure.
  • at 35 treasure hunting you completely stop gaining skills from deciphered tattered maps and digging, same probably holds true for the other levels.
  • When you fail to study a map it looses durability and will eventually be destroyed and disappear. (Slightly Worn -> Worn -> Damaged -> Badly damaged -> Destroyed)
  • When you've reached the maximum skill requirement for a map you'll stop failing to study them and they will no longer take durability damage.

Treasure Area[edit | edit source]

Treasure area.png

The blue marker in the picture are the outside edges of the treasure area, where the studying the map will point you in a heading.

Digging outside the area will state "You find nothing of interest here"

Digging within the area will state "The treasure is not buried here" (meaning you're currently digging within the treasure area, but haven't found the exact spot yet)

If you receive the message "That location has already been excavated", then you've dug the same place before, but you're still in the treasure area.

The picture will give you a rough estimate of the size of treasure areas.

Maps[edit | edit source]

There are several levels of maps:

Map Skill Req. Spawned Monsters Possible Loot
Tattered Map 0-35 1 Goblin shaman & 2 Goblin warriors 180-250 copper, 20-35 of some reagents, gems, +1 jewelery, tattered map, bandage, lesser heal potions
Frayed Map 35-55 3 Liches or 3 giant scorpions 400-500 соpper, 20-40 of some reagents, gems, frayed map, tattered map, spell scrolls
Fancy Map 55-75 2 Privateers + 2 Corsairs or 2 Doom + 2 Gargoyles
Ornate Map 75- 4 Gazers
Devious Map 2 Drake + 2 Gorgon