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Description[edit | edit source]

Valus, the Jewel of the Southern Hills, is a starting city in Celador in the Southern Hills region. The City of Valus is home to some of the most wealthy nobles and merchants in all of Celador. The finest merchants and traders come there from throughout the lands to peddle their wares and seek new business ventures. Standing apart from the recent faction wars, Valus has benefited greatly as a place of commerce and diplomacy.

Map[edit | edit source]

Map of Valus
  1. Mage Tower
  2. East Gate
  3. Master Sorcerer
  4. Tower of Sorcery
  5. Thread Bear (Robert the Tailor)
  6. Gold Lion Inn
  7. General Store (Paul the Trader)
  8. General Store (Mel the Tinker)
  9. Sewer Entrance
  10. Message Board (Toby the Mission Dispatcher)
  11. West Gate
  12. Stables (Indiana the Stable Master)
  13. Golden Bear Trading Coster Storage
  14. Valus Bank (Henry the Banker)
  15. Lumbering Oaf (Joshua the Woodsmith)
  16. Ethereal Dreams (Pad the Alchemist)
  17. Gabriel the Fighter
  18. Training Dummies
  19. Hammered Dwarf Forge (Justin the Metalsmith)
  20. Ursa's Rest Theater
  21. Valus Graveyard

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Trainers[edit | edit source]

  • Gabriel (Fighter Trainer)
  • Wallace the Master Rogue (removed from town)
  • Exlorex (Mage Trainer)

Vendors[edit | edit source]