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Workarounds[edit | edit source]

This page attempts to gather the most common bugs/gotchas found in the game and provide guidance as to how to work past them. Note that this page is not meant to be a guide nor a getting started tutorial.

General[edit | edit source]

When I open the client a window pops up and then the client exits[edit | edit source]

Check to see if you have Citrix Viewer installed on your machine and enabled. There is a known issue with the Citrix Viewer and Unity (which powers LoA). You'll need to disable the Citrix Viewer or remove it from your computer.

I can't see my bank/bag/etc..[edit | edit source]

Try using /resetwindowpos. This will reset the windows and hopefully will bring the window back in view. If this doesn't work, submit a bug report.

An item on my hot bar doesn't work any longer[edit | edit source]

Check that you still have the required item. If you do, you can either:

  • Log out and back in
    • OR
  • Go through a server boundary such as a magical gate, or entering and exiting the sewers

Help I'm stuck![edit | edit source]

This happens from time to time. Use the /stuck command and you'll be moved to a nearby location which will let you start moving again.

My title keeps changing[edit | edit source]

By default titles are not locked and will change based on what you are currently doing. To lock your title do the following:

  1. Hit O on your keyboard to open up the achievements/titles screen
  2. Choose a title you wish to use
  3. At the bottom of the achievements/titles screen click Lock Title

Account[edit | edit source]

I need to change my email on my account[edit | edit source]

Try logging in to your account via the main LoA website. Go to "My Account" if you are not automatically brought there after logging in. Select the "Account" tab. Update your email and click update profile.

I need to change my email on my account and can't do it myself[edit | edit source]

You'll need to contact Citadel to request the change. See

Taming[edit | edit source]

One or more of my tamed animals is off screen[edit | edit source]

Go through a server boundary and they should reappear. Example: enter and exit the sewers or go through a magical gate. Another option is to use /stuck